Saturday, February 11, 2017

Resurrecting an old computer - quick note.

While I was getting the emulator up and running I noted this picture from another website;


Although I think this picture is from an even older version of arthur, it has some intresting differences (see the pictures below).

- The menu bar (bottom) appears to be green. Weather or not this was the default colour for this different version I am not sure.

- I understand the pointer in my pictures (below) is “squashed” but in this picture (above) the pointer looks much more “sharp”.

- Files just have lines (looking a bit like a hamburger menu icon!) in the icons.

- The directory icon looks much more squashed up.

- The bottom row of icons is different. From left to right, we have a hard drive icon, the floppy icon, a scroll, palette, notepad, diary and calculator. The one on the far right is a mystery - a black circle with white outside.