Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The all new server and the all new blog!

Ok. Truth be told I’ve stopped using the “old” server (a banana pi and soforth) as I felt I’d pretty much gone as far as I could with it. Don’t get me wrong it still works fine - it is just I wanted something which didn’t need about either half a dozen plugholes or just well …. don’t like trusting everything to one cheapo “wall-wart” style power supply.

So in the end I decided to completely rebuild the server. It is now an x86 machine running well …. this blog. No other files are here, I’m going to start again from fresh. Pretty much my file management stinks x.x .

If anyone was still wanting to see those dr who/red dwarf eps I can always put them back up. :-)

And I think I will be updating this blog more than I used to!